Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation and plants aids in making the environment better. Tree plantation is basically the procedure of moving tree seedlings from their original place and planting them elsewhere for different purposes. The reason behind tree plantation is mostly forestry, landscaping and land reclamation. Each of these purposes of tree plantation is important for its own unique reason.
It purifies the air, conserves water, helps in climate control, preserves soil and benefits the overall environment in several other ways. Apart from inhaling carbon dioxide trees also absorb various harmful gases including sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide and also filter harmful pollutants from the atmosphere thereby providing us fresher and cleaner air to breath. Many non-profit organizations have been formed across the globe by the joint efforts of such people who care about the environment and are working towards improving its condition selflessly. They are involved in planting trees, cleaning the water bodies and other activities to make the environment clean and green. The Department of Environment extends its support to these NGOs from time to time.

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We work to overcome the economic barrier that denies the underprivileged man, woman and child the access to medicines, vaccines and other medicinal facilities.

Our NGO working for Tree Plantation

Besides being involved in the process of tree plantation and other such activities many of these NGOs also promote the cause by performing street side plays, updating their social pages and visiting schools and colleges to spread the word.
Tree plantation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spread greenery. People around the globe have volunteered to contribute towards the environment from time to time. Many of them have set up non-profit organizations with joint efforts and are working towards making earth a better place to live. It is time people must recognize the importance of tree plantation and contribute towards the same. The government must take this issue seriously and work towards involving more and more people to further the cause.


You have not truly lived till you’ve done something for those who can never repay you. For every penny that you donate for this cause. There would be an underprivileged person who would Bless You, thank you from the very bottom of his heart. Because blessings are more needed in life.


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The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. It is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. Your blood donation is the best social help so please come forword and donate blood.