As of two years ago, in2016, the population of India stands at one hundred and thirty two point four two crores. The population in India is the second largest in the world and is giving a close competition to China and is predicted to overtake it soon. China has a land area much greater than India making the population density of India overwhelmingly high as well. The population in India has reached the billion mark in the year 1998.

The population in India has been a source of constant debate between politicians. Many argue that our population is our greatest resource and hence should not be criticised, some have religious reasons to stand against population control in India. However, no one argues against the fact that the increasing population is a heavy burden on our “non-human” resources.

Population control in India has always been a topic that is either not discussed at all or catches heavy steam as soon as the topic is referenced to. As mentioned earlier, religious reasons might have something to do with the fact that birth control was looked down upon for a very large period of time, resulting in almost no population control.

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However, times have changed and the government and the general populace are almost equally concerned about the growing population in India.

Education plays a major role in getting the people to realise the graveness of the issue of population control in India. Government programmes that cause awareness are much needed and hence we ensure that it reaches the people.


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